In our fast-paced digital world and the rise of social media some might argue that the importance of a business card is gone, replaced by Facebook and other online connections. However, these impersonal internet connected interactions can leave us craving a tangible touch. Business cards are still very much in style, and they’re only getting thicker, bolder, and flashier.

Unique business cards are no longer exclusive to designers and creative industries, and in fact an innovative card is essential for any type of business, large or small.

A Business Card Leaves an Impression
While there is nothing wrong with sticking to the classics, adding flair and sophistication to a traditional look will impress the recipient of the card. Choose a highly textured and luxurious stock – like thick cotton or bamboo – and add a specialty printing technique such as letterpress, foiling and embossing. These classically inspired techniques will add a stunning tactile effect and a hand-crafted touch to any card.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment
When it comes to ink, white is the new black. And so is using eye-catching metallic foils or a variety of colours on an intricate letterpress card. The elegance of these awe-inspiring printing methods can give a refreshing twist to any classic look, whether it’s gold on cotton paper, or bold and flashy metallic hues on glamorous black stock.

Although business card styles have evolved over the past few decades, their importance remains constant. They are a physical representation of you, your personality, your brand, and an essential tool that makes a statement about who you are creatively. Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed and carefully crafted card that will continue to speak to your potential clients long after the initial interaction has passed. Print People is offering limited time offers to get you started. Please see the offer below.

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