Why are AFFIRMATIONS important?

I want to share with you my daily routine.
Below i have listed why i believe affirmations are important.

1. Realise What You Speak!
The way you choose to speak, is the way your life will become. If you start your day negative, your most defiantly going to have a bad day. Start your day with positive thoughts your days will become happy. 
Start with – I Can change my life – I will become successful – I am happy.

2. Change Your Mind
As hard as it might be some days, you need to begin to change your mind. 
You already have the tools to do this which is your thoughts and beliefs. You need to believe in your self.
If you don’t believe in yourself and your business how do you expect others to.

3. Stay consistent!
Again this is one of the most important things to remember. CONSISTENCY! 
Stay consistent with your thoughts and affirmations. When you start it may feel awkward but you honestly need to just believe in yourself and the words you are speaking into your life!

4. Morning Routine!
The first hour you wake up is the most important, this will determine how your day starts and will continue. 
I personally wake up at 5am, wash my face of course and head to the gym for an hour. After the gym i then begin my day. Exercise is important for the mind and the body. Make sure you start your day right, whether that be exercise or simply finding the energy to speak your positive affirmations into your life.
Try it! I promise you after a week you will start to feel a lot more positive.

5. Speak Into The Future!
What do i mean by this?
So i am living proof that this actually works. What i did was to create a vision board. On my vision board i attached pictures and images of my goals. I see them every morning i wake up. When i wake up i then start saying in my head what i want to achieve out of my business. 

This way i am reminded of my goals and i’m already speaking them into my life to act upon what i need to do.

6. Remove Any Bad Energy! 
Remove any bad energy. Remove people from your life or simply block them out. Remove people that don’t feed your mind with positive thoughts. Bad energy is not good for you and your future. Make sure your doing something in life you love. Even in your business, the saying is “if you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life again”. 

7. Patience! 
Have patience, trust in the process and stay consistent with your affirmations and goals and you will gradually see your life working out as you planned and imagined it to be.

Thanks for reading, and i really really hope you benefit from this 🙂

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